Flowers can be expensive, especially when you plan your wedding in the Canadian Rocky Mountains where all flowers need to be imported.  We understand this, and try to make the most of our couple's floral arrangements.  Here are just two ways to maximize your wedding flowers:

1. Use your ceremony flowers for your reception afterwards.  We often try and use the flowers placed out for the ceremony somewhere within the wedding reception space.  For Lindsay and Alex' wedding we used their lush florals for the ceremony aisle and framing them at the front alter.  Later we moved these flowers over to their candelabra centrepieces and to frame their head table.  

2. Using your wedding party bouquets around the room.  Your bridal bouquet and the bridesmaids are always showpieces and we like to display these.  When possible, we try to plan to add these florals in places like the head table or guestbook areas.  Of course, when its a winter wedding its a little riskier, or in the heat of the summer when the florals may wilt.  It's nice when we can use the florals as decor for the reception